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①517 reversible spray tip provides a superior finish and clears clogs fast with a twist of the wrist;
②Professional grade metal spray gun fits standard accessories such as tip and pole extensions;
③7.5m high-pressure hose for extended area and multi-story reach;
④Adjustable knob to regulate painting pressure according to different painting materials and painting tasks ;
⑤Hose to feed paints directly from paint can, eliminating need for refills;
⑥Consolidated controls simplify opera- tions from start-up to clean up;
⑦Metal stand for the machine to seat firmly and keep away from floor ;
⑧On-demand piston pump technology maintains pressure as needed;
⑨Comfort grip handle for easy transportation, and rotatable for easy storage.
ELECTRIC SPRAY GUN [Pro-Airless Spray Gun]
 Model PLD3090
 Voltage: 220-240V
 Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 700W
Nozzle Type/Size: 517
Max. Paint Flow: 1000ml/min
Spraying Pressure: 20MPa
Max. Working Pressure of H.P. hose: 83MPa
Spray Distance: 250-350mm
H.P. Hose Length: 7.5M

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