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Heat Gun  |   Paint Sprayer  |   Stapler/ Nailer  |   Vacuum/Blower  |   Garden Sprayer  |   Caulking  |   Battery/Charge  |  

●Impact adjustable;
●Contact safety switch depress to fire;
●Side loading of staples/nails;
●Anti jam mechanism
18V Li-Ion Powered Cordless Tacker

TC0010-18 / TC0011-18 (DC Pinner)        TC0020-18 / TC0023-18 (2-in1DC Nailer
 Model TC0010-18 / TC0011-18 TC0020-18 / TC0023-18
 Voltage: 220-240V 220-240V
 Frequency: 50Hz 50Hz
 Rated Current: 9A 9A
 Rated Firing Speed: ≤20pcs/min; ≤20pcs/min
 Description: DC Pinner 2-in-1 DC Nailer
 Nail Type: Pin Staple & Brad nail
 Nail Spec.: Wire Spec.: 23Gauge Wire Spec.: 18Gauge
 Nail Length:

Pin: 19mm, 25mm,

     32mm, 35mm

Staple:  15~22mm
   Brad Nail:  15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 32mm

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100pcs 100pcs
 Number of shots
 per battery charge
≥700shots / charge (@1.5.0Ah Battery Pack): ≥700shots / charge (@1.5.0Ah Battery Pack):

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